Word of Mouth (WOM) in 2021

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Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing was, is still and will probably always be the best and most inexpensive marketing you can do.

Is there 'one thing' you do in YOUR place that no one else in Tasmania does? If there is, you have the key to open the door to Word Of Mouth marketing.  

"we were their 'pub of choice' because THEY were in the mural"

In our Billy The Pig's pub at Bondi Junction, in Sydney, we had a wall mural that featured all our regular customers. When our customers met up with their friends,  were their 'pub of choice' because THEY were in the mural…and they were very proud to be there. We were inspired to do it after a visit to Tasmania. 

I loved visiting the delightful Tasmanian Mural town of Sheffield. I'm sure you know they have taken the wall mural idea to an incredible level. Known as the 'Town of Murals' and 'Tasmania's Outdoor Art Gallery' it really demonstrates collaborative word of mouth marketing.

David Hopcroft is one of the best hospitality operators I have seen. When David was the was the GM of the Shangri-La Fijian Resort in Fiji, he used to regularly take me to Fiji to do marketing and motivational sessions with his team. Always, at the end of the sessions, he would take all the attendees to a special place as a 'thank you for your involvement.'

I recall one time going into Nadi (pronounced Nandi) to Eugene's Chef's Restaurant. The food was excellent...as was the service. But the thing that is always so memorable, in my mind, was the giant salt and pepper grinders. They were wheeled to the table on a trolley. Each of them was about a metre long, and everyone wanted to be photographed with them.  

I was in awe and thought what an excellent gimmick and one that absolutely everyone would 'talk about'. I asked Chef Eugene for information on where and how to purchase the grinders. He told me they were available from Hutschenreuther Hotel, Germany. However, it might be easier to simply search Google for 'giant salt and pepper grinders' for them. This way you should find a supplier near you. 

I recall being amazed when I first saw the Mount Isa Motel. Instead of having the rooms numbered in the traditional way (i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc.) the Mount Isa Motel featured the business houses of early Mount Isa. There was the butcher shop, the baker shop, the barbershop. I saw guests clambering off coaches and excitedly telling their fellow tourists "I'm staying in the butcher shop, I'm in the baker shop...." I have never seen rooms 1, 2, 3 or 4 generate such glee! 

When John McGrath Real Estate first began in New South Wales, I recall being enormously impressed with this innovative idea. When you bought a new house or unit, through John McGrath, one week after you moved in, they would send a tradesman around to your new property. The tradesman was there to fix annoying things like he kitchen tap dripping, the front door doesn't close properly, or the latch is broken on the back door. Simple…but something you talk about…as I'm doing now. 

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