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This site is all about YOU.

My focus is to help you become a super hospitality industry professional. Be it in Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Taverns, Bars, Bistro's, Motels or B&B's, I'd like to ignite a fire inside you and help you develop a passion for this extraordinary industry.

One of the major secrets of success in this industry is developing an outstanding memory. Just to the right, on this web page, you will note a cover of How To Develop A Memory Like An Elephant - Part 1 - Remembering Names. I invite you to check it out.

I can show and teach you how to develop an incredible memory. This will be enormously beneficial in the hospitality industry. To give you an idea of some of the incredible things you can do with your mind I invite you to click on this Channel 7 video below.

My Dad used to say "Showing is better than telling." In Memory training sessions I ask audiences if they could remember a shopping list of 15 items. All audiences say "No way." And then I tell them within 35 minutes the entire group will be able to do this. Click here to see a demonstration. My Memory systems shows you how to extend this to shopping list of 100 items.

Let me give you an example of the some of incredible skills you can achieve. I can teach you how to remember some events or happenings for every year since 1900. As well, I can teach you how to remember all the Summer Olympic Games cities since 1900 and at least one outstanding performance in each of these Olympic Games. I can teach you how to do this via my Memory eBooks or a presentation to your Company.

And how valuable would this be to you if you are a student? I can show and teach you how to remember the names all the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States of America...and the Prime Ministers of Australia since 1900.

Believe me you will stand out from the herd when you demonstrate these skills in the hospitality industry or, for that matter, any industry.

As an example of other benefits of developing an incredible memory I invite you to view a live Television challenge of my Melbourne Cup knowledge by David Koch from Australia's Channel 7. Click here to see the result.

I really do want to encourage and teach you how to dramatically improve YOUR memory. People will say about YOU "Wow! How do you do that?" I happily tell it is a learnable skill. I know, because I can do all of the above. More importantly I can and will teach you how to do it.

I have learned that passion and purpose are the main ingredients in the recipe for success in the hospitality industry. When preparation and persistence are added, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

On the rest of this page you will find an ever increasing number of video interviews with the some of best hospitality operators in the business. You can check out our blog and meet some great people and read about some great ideas. You will meet (via video) some of the world's leading business minds. And you click here to meet some of the people I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

I want to help you become an outstanding and memorable member of the Hospitality Industry - the biggest industry in the world!

Grant Gaskin Grant Gaskin, the GM of the recently built Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu, in The Philippines was instrumental in me speaking at the M.I.C.E. Conference in Cebu. Whilst there, Grant arranged for me to do a Hospitality Jungle session, focusing on memory improvement for his team and other Cebu Hoteliers. (See the Elephant Principle from my Hospitality Jungle book.) If you click on the Grant's picture you will see a 'before and after' video where Grant talks about this session as well as the M.I.C.E. session.

In my M.I.C.E. presentation I demonstrated how technology is moving quickly and allowing you to do clever things with video photography. In the video Grant talks about how I incorporated video into my presentation and what he and the audience thought about it. Remember I shot this video with an iPhone and used iMovie to edit it. YOU can do that do. It is not difficult.

The Internet offers us all the opportunity to continually gain expertise in an ever increasing number of fields. Up until recently Green Screen video has been the playground of TV stations and big budget marketers. Technology has now opened up this field to all of us. Green Screen video (coupled with YouTube) offers the opportunity to make our marketing really 'stand out' from the herd.

It has been a goal of mine to learn as much as I can about this process and and share it with audiences. I recently spoke at a Clubs Plus Marketing Seminar in Armidale, NSW, Australia. It was arranged by my colleague Ken Burgin. My topic was the use of Green Screen. I invite you to click on the picture of Carly Way, the Marketing Manager of the very successful North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club, to see the Green Screen video we shot and to hear her thoughts after the presentation.

My Dad used to say "Showing is better than telling, son." And, as mentioned above, I am now showing and telling how YOU can dramatically improve your web sites and all communications with customers with clever use of green screen video footage.

Crocodile If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth 10,000 words. I invite you to check out an example of green screen video by clicking on the crocodile.

I shot the video with an iPhone and edited it using iMovie. As mentioned above this type of video shooting used to be very expensive and very complicated...but no longer. I would like to demonstrate it for you at your next Conference or Convention.

Perhaps the best advice I can offer you is to seek out people who are inspirational. A lot of my learning and inspiration comes from one of my mentors who is also one of my best friends. He was horribly burned in a motor cycle accident and several years later paralysed as a result of an aeroplane accident.

His name is W Mitchell and he describes himself as 'funny looking'. He numbers amongst his friends President Clinton and Anthony Robbins. I've learned much from Mitchell. I'd like to share him and what I have learned from him with you.

I invite you to click here to meet W Mitchell.

When I was last in New York I met with and shot video of my colleague Bill Marvin - The Restaurant Doctor. He travelled from Seattle for New York just so we could share some ideas. The question Bill continually poses to his audiences and followers is "What did you learn from your staff today?"

Until we meet in person stay well, stay safe and stay busy.

Max Hitchins, The Hospitality Doctor

As a thank you for visiting with me and spending time reading to this point, I invite you to download my complimentary eBook Max's Maxims - to encourage you to TAKE TIME TO THINK.

Click here to download gift.


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